Vanessa Cancilla of Rentquest

What is the craziest client request you’ve received;  how did you cater to them? 

I would have to say one of the craziest requests I have received is getting a call on a Friday morning from a client with a last minute event and would need EVERYTHING delivered that same day!  We are not talking about just one bar or one sofa, but three truckloads full of event furniture.

Luckily, we have an incredible team – from our professionals in the office to our hard-working warehouse guys who know how to handle the most demanding requests. Being able to anticipate the needs of our clients and exceed expectations – even when it’s within a 12 hour timeframe – is what makes us who we are.


Like us – you are a company ran by Millennials  How did you start and what do you contribute to your success. 

RentQuest started as a sister company to a luxury experiential marketing firm.  Many of the products we inherited from our sister company were custom-designed by some of NYC’s premier event designers from high-end events. When I took over in 2008, I was inspired to put my own stamp on RentQuest and take the company to new heights.

I truly love what I do, and for me, that is the key to RentQuest’s success. For the amount of time and dedication I put into what I do, it is important to be happy and excited with each new project.

RentQuest would not be the successful company it is today without the people who make it happen. My office and warehouse staff is the BEST in the business.  We are one large team – we have good days and we have ridiculous days but in the end, we all work together to make each event a success.  Aside from offering awesome products, of course, the team at RentQuest builds personal relationships with the people who hire us.  The main goal is to make our clients happy and make sure they know we are dedicated to making their event spectacular.


Events is considered one of the hardest industries to work in. What is your favorite part about your job.   

The best part about my job is that I get to live out every girl’s ultimate dream – I get to shop for a living!  It is always so much fun to research new cutting-edge designs and purchase unique, cool pieces we know our clients will love. Of course, the main reason why we are all in the event industry is we love the finished product.  After working one on one with a client for weeks and months, assisting with design suggestions and floor plans, we can always predict the final product is going to look great but there’s still what I call the “magic moment” when you see everything set up just right and know your hard work came together for a fabulously memorable event.


Whats in the future for Rent Quest. Do you plan to expand out of New York. 

The wheels are always turning. With RentQuest’s success, we are eager to take on new projects and adventures. A few years ago we launched Staged, a luxury staging company that provides high-end furniture and prop rentals for homes and apartments.  We have grown our new brand tremendously in this short amount of time by working with some of the most exclusive brokers in NYC.

Regarding expansion, over the past two years we have been traveling outside of the tri-state area a lot more. In 2015, we had the honor of providing some awesome pieces for a fan zone vignette at the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona.  Another event we wrapped up in early June of this year was the Country Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee.  As you can see, we are already expanding and eager to get back on the road.  We want everyone to know that we are very specialized in sports events as well as all types of festival as we are a team of sports and music lovers.

Eventually, we would love to have a full shop somewhere in Los Angeles as well as Chicago, but at the moment we are willing to travel if it benefits all parties involved.


We know work is 24/7 but what are your hobbies outside of work. 

I am a music enthusiast. I love going to music festivals, concerts and summer music beach days. However, even here I can’t help but revert back into work mode and think how incredible a RentQuest Chesterfield sofa would look in the Coachella VIP fan experience.

Spending time with my amazing husband, my Chihuahua, Deigo and my family is what helps me get through the crazy weeks. They are the best therapy a girl can ask for.


August 1, 2016
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Q&A with Vanessa Cancilla of Rentquest

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