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Bare unrendered walls, a grey attic, fluorescent lights. At first glance the cavernous space exudes all the charm of a factory floor. if it wasn’t for the floor-to-ceiling glass windows all around, revealing a breathtaking vista from a dizzying height: to the south the Statue of Liberty, looking tiny from here, to the northeast the massive steel structure of the Brooklyn Bridge, and to the northwest a dense forest of skyscrapers: Midtown.

The 68th floor of the “Four World Trade Center” is one of the most exclusive event locations in New York City. The space is marketed and managed by Riviera Caterers. “We deliberately left everything as raw and unfinished as possible so that we are able to create just the right kind of ambience a customer desires for each event,” says Andrew Cavitolo, Riviera Caterers CEO and Creative Director.

While his parents over on Coney Island run a more traditional event company specializing in weddings on a grand scale, Cavitolo and his partner Bobby Stern set out across the East River and headed for Manhattan some four years ago

with a plan to be part of the action in the “Mecca of Events“ (Bobby Stern). And they are doing very well indeed: today Riviera Caterers stage around 400 events a year.

A key factor has been the fact that the two young entrepreneurs were able in no time at all to secure the privilege to host their parties in the city’s best locations. Among them the famous “Marquee” night club, the Spring Studios– the venue for the biggest fashion shows in town – and this space, on the 68th floor of the new “Four World Trade Center”, 262 metres above sea level, on the southern tip of Manhattan.

Another factor in their success: the two Sprinter vans Riviera uses to bring the food that is prepared in their kitchen in Brooklyn to the events. What’s special about these vehicles is that they are fully decked out in chrome foil, creating

a surface that not only reflects the neon lights on Times Square but also nicely sets off the lilac-coloured, 1970s-style Riviera logo.

“People’s reactions to our Sprinters are priceless. We get SMS and photos sent to us whenever the vans are parked somewhere. The social media are awash with those reactions,” says Bobby Stern. “The vans have been extremely helpful in getting our brand known around town,” sums up Andrew Cavitolo. “People now just call us the guys with the Silver Bullets!”

“The secret of making events successful is to exceed the requirements. You make a promise, and if you deliver just ten per cent extra, you are successful immediately. For me that’s the recipe for success in almost all areas of life“

-Andrew Cavitolo, CEO & Creative Director, Riviera Caterers

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