amelia-silvestri-riviera-1What made you want to get into the events world? 

I did not know I wanted to get into the events world until I was my in my last year of college.. I threw a beer Olympics in my backyard that was so well coordinated even the cops stayed to hang out. I have always loved the pressure of getting it right on the first try and that is what events are all about. If you do not take the time to plan ahead you better be able to think on your feet.

What is the most interesting request you have had for a client?

Interesting is a good word and can be portrayed in a couple ways.. I guess I have had interesting weeks and moments but I tend to think it is all very very interesting! Ha ha.

It all started with a four day simultaneous events for one of our favorite clients, who shall remain nameless.. Not only were both in two of the biggest venues in Manhattan but one event continued to change throughout the week. The client’s production company kept making changes and asking us to source custom items in time frames we thought were impossible. With Riviera, nothing is impossible, just don’t plan on sleeping or eating! We turned around custom stations in less than 24 hours, custom trays and found all sorts of basketball equipment throughout the city to utilize within hours of acquiring it.


What are your TOP things NOT to do at a Company Holiday Party?

We all love parties.. attending them, designing them and watching what happens at them! I think people watching at events is the greatest part of my job but I should forewarn all holiday party attendees on what not to do.. There are so many things I can go into but what you SHOULD do is eat dinner. Making sure you get something in your stomach is so important because then you can drink the night away without embarrassing yourself.

We all know not to be the most intoxicated person in your office but also know not to be the most annoying. Do you take an excessive amount of photos, that maybe you do not want to see in the morning? Are you screaming at people to get together for those photos? Don’t do that. No one wants to capture every moment throughout the party. Take a few photos at the beginning of the night and put your phone away so you can interact with your coworkers outside of the office!

What are you excited most about holiday party planning?

Everything about holiday party planning is the most exciting part! Clients are excited to host events for their staff, people they want to thank or their clients so the excitement from them is always overwhelming. Everyone wants the best and we always give it to them! I get to become the florist, designer and caterer at some events and I love being able to put my creative into not only the menu but the entire party.

Although work can get a bit busy, what do you like to do in your free time? 

Good question! In my free time I love to bike ride (all over the city), take photos, snowboard in the winter, swim in the summer and explore. I always feel like I am on an adventure and hope to keep it that way!

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