Super Bowl 50 Riviera + F!ZZ Experience Takes Pepsi to New Heights

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Things Were “F!ZZ-ling” at Super Bowl 50!  F!ZZ Experience Takes Pepsi to New Heights!

What goes great with snacks at the big game? Soda of course! Riviera Caterers, MKTG and PepsiCo took soda to the next level bringing F!ZZ and the joy of “ Fizzology” to Super Bowl 50!

Football fans from across the country gathered in Santa Clara California’s Levi’s Stadium to root on the NFL’s best. An interactive bar was created within the NFL Experience where 15,000 people participated in the ground-breaking and imaginative concept of Fizzology.

A vision of PepsiCo, F!ZZ is a concept that revolutionizes the future of soft drink mixology which has been playfully titled Fizzology.  This pioneering spin on a classic beverage reimagines the way people delight in soda through these non-alcoholic concoctions. Fizzology mixes surprising flavors and ingredients that stimulate the taste buds.  Envision candy and sprinkles garnishing your favorite Pepsi soda. It’s an exciting way to be imaginative and creative while appreciating a classic Pepsi beverage.

Transforming Pepsi’s soda by adding flavor shots and creating one-of-a-kind drinks, Riviera Caterers amazed and wowed participants with countless ingredients to play with as well as a colorful menu of proposed creations.  Menu suggestions included the “Onside Cake” – a drink combining Sierra Mist, vanilla and cake batter flavor shots, vanilla foam, rainbow sprinkles and strawberry Pop Rocks and the “Limebacker Blitz” – a tastey mix of Mountain Dew, lime and coconut flavor shots, grape foam, green apple Pop Rocks and candy Nerds.

Riviera Caterers and MKTG delivered a unique, playful and unexpected beverage experience that elevated the already amazing memory of attending the Super Bowl for people of all ages. Fizzology at Super Bowl 50 left participants feeling like kids in a candy store!




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